A large part of our work is art consultancy.  Christina Cadogan is delighted to advise and assist both new and established collectors with the buying and selling of art whether privately or at auction.  She can advise on current critical and commercial trends within the field of Nordic art.


Christina has  contacts with artists, auctioneers and collectors within the Nordic countries and the UK and can help you to search for a painting, drawing or sculpture by a specific artist or from a particular period.  She can also provide advice on the pricing, condition and different options for selling a work of art.


As a buyer at auction, you may be a regular client or new to the bidding process. It can be time consuming to follow auctions and to be available to bid at the right time; Christina can both give advice on works coming up for sale at auction or bid on your behalf.


Christina also sources works privately from collectors, providing advice, checking provenance and condition of works for potential buyers.


If you have any queries please get in touch (see contact page).